Word from the Founder and National Coordinator

Today, more than ever before, the Cameroonian youth in particular and the African youth in general are faced with great stakes and challenges, characterised by the multiform changes of the political, economic and socio-cultural space. Faced with these changes, and for a long time, young people have been waiting for adequate solutions to meet their growing aspirations to fit into the society. This state of affairs has led in the recent years to deviant, regressive and decadent behaviour among our young people; basically due to their inactivity and idleness.

In an attempt to respond this growing need by young people, AFRICAN RENAISSANCE IN THE MAKING (ARITMA) would like to make it known to young people that they matter; they count and are all useful and important in the construction of the Cameroonian and African societies. It is for this reason that they must become that generation of young people who build their identity and enters its destiny.

To this effect, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What do we want for ourselves?
  • What do we want for Cameroon / Africa?
  • What would be our contribution to this?

In an attempt to give answers to this questioning, ARITMA offers simple, easy, innovative, modern and practical solutions through which we should identify, become stakeholders and contribute to the success of the construction of a better Cameroon and a better African continent. This would be achieved through:

  • The adoption of a civic, dignified, honest and responsible behavior;
  • The return into rural areas to revive agriculture;
  • The promotion of a clean and healthy environment;
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The targeted sectors of ARITMA’s action are:

Agriculture & Rural

ARITMA focuses on the empowerment of young people; women /young girls first and the physically challenged (either by geography or by an infirmity) in rural area.

Education & Training

ARITMA also work for Education and Training of people in the Cameroonian and African societies and communities.

Hygiene & Health

ARITMA Facilitate people to access the health care & deals with Unhealthy and Sickly environments with garbage and dirt and infectious elements in our cities and villages.

Sports & Recreation

ARITMA sets up and manages development projects in local communities related to sports and recreation in rural, communal and regional communities across Cameroon.

Tourism and Culture

ARITMA sets up and manages development projects in local communities related to tourism and culture, communal and regional communities across Cameroon.

African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA)


Benevolence, Volunteering & Advocacy

For ARITMA, we wish to consider and propose easy, innovative, practical and simple solutions, with a view to strengthening the capacities of individuals, groups and communities to take up the challenge for lasting solutions for themselves.


Responsible Citizenship

We hope to provide a solution to rural exodus and even reverse the trend; find a way to engage and responsible young people through training and other development activities; Keep the cities clean and void of health hazards; promote recycling and transformation of waste.




Our main vision within AFRICAN RENAISSANCE IN THE MAKING (ARITMA) is to have every Cameroonian take their responsibility to make Cameroon a better place. By so doing, we must achieve self-reliance and food self-sufficiency, provide adequate education and good health for all; in a society where people behave in a dignified, honorable and responsible way, respecting their duties and rights, as well as those of others, while remaining committed to the development process of their communities.
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African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA)


Our Statutes govern the foundation and functioning of African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA) and define the main lines of action to allow traceability of the role of everyone, as well as to grasp the responsibility of its members and the legal personality of ARITMA.
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African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA)


African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA) intends to seek partnerships, in view of the implementation of our projects, aimed at promoting and financing all actions and projects allowing for the effective implementation of the Renaissance, or the desired renewal of Cameroon and any other African country. It will also be a matter of working for the defense of the interests of young people, women and physically challenged people to achieve their dreams and seeing into it that the major objectives fixed by the Statutes of ARITMA are met.
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