2001 Subaru Impreza Wrx P Plate Legal

It`s more simply about rolling the dice, some are never caught in their whole life, others are caught every two months. Personally, I wouldn`t buy this particular car. Changes to the engine of a WRX are only after problems. Although an exhaust is acceptable if it is within the legal limit of decibels. Haha p-platers could drive turbos and V8s when I got my driver`s license, I live in the ACT and all kids have V8 Commodores and Falcons or WRX and all NSW kids have spears and small sedans. I can`t believe how strict the rules of NSW and VIC-P disks are. Do you mean as a performance/safety course on a skidpan/slope? I think you have to spend a certain number of hours with a driving instructor here. Dangerous. I think they just hope that after 120 hours (mostly wrong) is enough to justify not having a proper driver training course. I probably did about 40 hours until my driving instructor thought I was ready to take the P-Plater test. I think people will be very upset if they have to pay for a driver training course in more than 120 hours of driving.

But to be honest, every young driver should be forced to lose control of the vehicle and recover. People learn from their mistakes and in a controlled environment, which would be very beneficial. Might even scare a few people into not driving like one. Hi everyone, I plan to buy an old school wrx. I found a 02 that I inspected and tested and it`s pretty cool. My only concern is that the owner has made some changes, including; Turbo meter exhaust, winding suspension, turbo STI and intercooler and a new input. He says he can`t get a road problem and also that it`s legal for the P plate, which may be true in terms of performance, but I`m pretty sure the P-Platers aren`t allowed to modify the engine. So, my main question is, would I have problems with the font with their current modifications, even if they are factory parts of the following model (this is the ITS)? Thank you, I have several colleagues who have wrx. If their engines do not explode (this is what happened to 3 of them), they are police targets.

There is an EPA test every two months, and they are constantly exaggerated. These are great cars, but you WILL BE harassed by the police (since the car had performance changes and you are on your P license plates). Also, if you fall, your insurance will NOT reimburse you, as the car is not approved for P-Plater (although it becomes a road). It depends on whether you want to take that risk. You can use any combination of the following vehicle details for research: The high-performance vehicle restriction applies to all P1 and P2 NSW licensees, even if they drive between states. Even if you don`t, you might be tired of police going over to you for random questions and inspections of your car. It looks like a classic cop magnetic car. Note: You must notify Transport for NSW within 14 days if circumstances have changed that affect your exemption. This also applies if you no longer need the exception or if the exception letter needs to be replaced. Additional charges may apply.

To find out which vehicles you can and cannot drive, use the P1 and P2 vehicle search. Search for P1 and P2 vehicles Anyway, I would do everything according to the book on your P`s. Cops don`t need many reasons to stop you, and driving cop bait is just a problem. This page provides P1 or P2 test permit holders with a number of frequently asked questions about prohibited vehicles. Thank you all for the answer, I did not expect so many things, I decided to pass it on. As my reasons are similar to yours, the lander keeps its place in the garage for the time being 🙂 I have endured that people from Amnesty, the Red Cross and now the Cancer Council are suing me almost every day!! Throw away the greens, green peace, unhcr, save the children forking and I have reached my limit on the number of those who want me to sign something or give money. Seriously Cubts, right away. I would have gone to the kitchen, picked up a brown bag, dropped my dacks, squeezed a loaf of bread into that bag, made dacks, glued a bag, put a bag in an envelope and sent it straight to your face because it was such a tool.

For more information, see Definitions of prohibited vehicles. Don`t risk it. As others have already mentioned, insurance doesn`t pay if they find mods, and they will find any excuse to avoid a payment. Even on a good day, they drag their feet with the payment. But the law also depends on the state you are in. Check this out first. Otherwise, buy a Camry and something else car-focused (if you want to learn how to work on cafes) or wait until you`re away from your P. Hey Fella, I wanted to buy a Bugeye Wrx for my first car and I`m very glad I didn`t. If you have to drive a prohibited vehicle, you can apply for an exemption. Exceptions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Indeed, prohibited vehicles pose a high risk to drivers on their Ps.

Holders of temporary P1 licenses and holders of temporary P2 licenses are not allowed to drive high-performance vehicles that: No modification of the engine of your Ps in Vic. It is one of those laws that is actually very simple. Don`t listen to anyone who says otherwise. If you are unsure of a vehicle`s specifications, you can: If you hold a temporary P1 or P2 license and want to check if you are licensed to drive a particular vehicle, you can do so online. If you are looking for one of these vehicles, please contact us by phone at 13 22 13 or by email. Quite expensive to run, annoying problems when pressing hard (like a piston on the Passo seat) and a very large cop magnet. If an exemption is granted, you must bring the exemption letter issued by Transport for NSW with you when driving the vehicle. Transport for NSW defines a high-performance vehicle as one that: Learn more about the vehicles you can and cannot drive on your Ps. High-performance vehicles have higher acceleration and performance than other vehicles. The more power a vehicle`s engine has relative to its weight, the more acceleration it can offer.

If you still want a car that you can have fun with at a lower cost, jump on an AU hawk if you want to learn how to work on cars. I remember being on my Ps, everyone just said, “Wait until you`re gone.” It is, but it is really what you need to do. Time flies by. They have beautiful cars in front of them for a lifetime. Learn about the rules for test prohibited vehicles, prohibited vehicles, exceptions, and answers to frequently asked questions. However, neither government has introduced mandatory driver training as part of the provisional driving licence system. Fingers crossed one day, they come to their senses. Cheers,Shazza Find out what exceptions are available to drive a No Test Vehicle (PPV) while you are on your Ps. Prohibited vehicles – also known as “high-performance vehicles” – cannot be driven by drivers with a P1 or P2 driving licence. Time flies, when I look back, I`m glad I didn`t have a turbo car on my P`s. Some vehicles may not appear in the search or may be listed as “for verification”. This is because they can be older, newly released or niche vehicles.

An exception to the condition of the prohibited vehicle applies if: If you are on your red or green P, there are certain vehicles that you cannot drive. Find out what the rules are.