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About Us

Created in 2012 and officially legalised by Prefectural Order n° 000260/RDA/J06/A2/SAAJP/BAPP of 01 April 2019, African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA) is a non-profit organization (Charity) that focuses on the empowerment of young people; women and young girls and the physically challenged (either by geography or by an infirmity). We also work with everyone willing to develop their personal and community potentials in diverse ways to the benefit of their communities.

Our focus is to develop Human Capital by INVESTING IN PEOPLE, so that they can overcome the daily challenges experienced in the Cameroonian and African societies and their respective local communities. Some of these challenges are: Rural Exodus – as these rural areas are left empty and abandoned by their youthful energetic population; Non-employment and Unemployment of young people and women; Unhealthy and Sickly environments with garbage, dirt and infectious elements in our cities and villages; the Lack of potable pipe borne water and electricity in many rural and some urban settings, are the major issues with which the Cameroonian youth have to deal with.

ARITMA wishes to propose easy, innovative, practical and simple solutions, in view to strengthen the capacities of individuals, groups and communities to take up the challenge aimed at providing lasting solutions to rural exodus and even to reverse its trend. ARITMA wants to engage young people through training, development projects and other socio-economic activities. ARITMA seeks to keep the cities clean and void of health hazards, by the promotion of recycling and transformation of waste. ARITMA aims at building partnerships and seek for funding to finance projects to contribute to the provision of electricity and drinking potable water to local communities. ARITMA works to facilitate the access to health care and inclusive education for precarious populations and those in areas with reduced accessibility. Finally, ARITMA will set up diverse projects in its sectors of activity.

African Renaissance in the Making (ARITMA) intends to have a positive influence in the Cameroonian and African societies, as well as impact the lives of the young people living in these respective areas by implementing multifaceted projects, to respond to the various challenges observed in the society. The targeted sectors in which ARITMA is operational are: –

  • Agriculture and rural development;
  • Benevolence, Volunteering and Advocacy
  • Education and Training;
  • Hygiene and Health;
  •  Responsible Citizenship
  • Sports and Recreation;
  • Tourism and Culture.