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One of the ideas that stood as founding pillars of ARITMA is to reduce the gap that separates the rich from the poor; but also to provide access to different social, economic and leisure amenities to those who cannot normally access and to the underprivileged, either by a social, physical or geographical handicap. These underprivileged groups can also count among those who are living in troubled areas of conflict or in areas of natural disasters. ARITMA is standing as the spokesman of these people, to speak to those who can provide some support; some assistance and those people who can share the little they have with those who are in need. As it is commonly said, “there is more happiness to give than to receive“, ARITMA wants to work with you to contribute to the happiness of all those who give, as well as those who receive.

Remember that nothing is too small to share with others … so let’s live to give hope to everyone.

Collection of clothes and shoes by Members of the Stratford Church of Christ in London to support brothers and sisters of the Cameroon Church of Christ notably those in the crisis zones of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon
Receipt of the clothes and shoes from Stratford Church of Christ by the brethren of the Churches of Christ in the crisis Regions of South West