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Cameroon is generously endowed with ideal conditions for guaranteeing the country a self-sufficient and sustenance in food production, as well as for a profitable agriculture. The soil is fertile, with natural areas and diverse climate, which makes it practically possible to grow all sorts of crops in the country. The agricultural sector is of vital importance for the livelihood of the people, the economy and the general well-being of the nation. This notwithstanding, production has suffered considerable fluctuation and decrease because of rural exodus and precarious conditions in the rural areas.

ARITMA and its members have taken the commitment to reverse this tendency and make sure the rural areas start attracting the youths back into its fertile soil. The idea is to launch agricultural projects that will include farming; livestock and fishery and many other interesting and attractive activities.


Our target is to launch a nation-wide agricultural project, with the assistance of the Cameroon Government and other major stakeholder and partners, who will assist and support us achieve this goal. The effective actions will include the acquisition of land for agricultural purposes and employ workers and farmers to grow staple food products and the raring of fish, snails, piggery, poultry and other livestock. In the long term, we should be able to transform some of the products coming from the farms for marketing under the ARITMA Food Supply Chain Markt project.


Rural Development remains one of the major challenges to address in Cameroon in order to make the lives of the rural population likeable, enjoyable and seemingly modern. ARITMA hopes to work with the village communities, to organise themselves with the hope of coming up with technically and economically applicable solutions to their own development. Together with rural and village communities, we intend to face the stakes and challenges and make sure that most rural areas become endowed with:

  • Drinkable water and water for irrigation;
  • Electricity and new forms of energy;
  • Basic health facilities (nurses, medication equipment, lights, cooling units for vaccines);
  • Education (to make sure schools are operational);

ARITMA may also negotiate financing for rural electrification from potential partners and fund lenders in conjunction with the competent administrative and technical bodies concerned.

204 hectares of land that have been negotiated for farming activities and other projects
electrification project of 10 houses in the Mindang village with solar energy panels. Under the project of Modern villages with ARITMA