Education and Training

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Education and Training

As far as Education and Training are concerned, ARITMA’s focus is to see all children benefit from formal education where ever they are. We also wish to promote academic excellence and a healthy competition in our schools. The long term objective is the foundation or set up of the African Renaissance Institute of Cameroon.

  1. Equal Access and Fairness to Education

We hope to see all children being able to read and write. Our target is to reduce disparities, advocate for better educational conditions and provide school material and scholarships to the less privileged children and young people. ARITMA hopes to seek and develop multi-sided partnerships with other organizations to support a fair access to education. A special consideration will be given to children and young people who are physically challenged to ascertain that they also benefit to equal access and equal opportunities like others.


The ARITMA ACADEMIC AWARDS is a ceremony that aims to reward the best high school leaving students in Cameroon from the GCE Advanced Level and the Baccalaureate. The event aims to restore within the Cameroonian society a sense of effort, excellence, meritocracy, distinction and recognition of the best. It is also about creating emulation within the school community and creating healthy competition in our school environment. With this event, ARITMA aims to develop in young people a high sense of dignity, honour, responsibility and self-confidence.

  1. Your Environment, Your Job Provider

The Coordinator of ARITMA came up with the idea that to make a living, one has to benefit from his/her immediate natural environment. Cameroon is host of diverse ecological areas, with different types of landscape, land fields and vegetation. The diversity of the types of land and climate makes it possible to develop many different kinds of economic activities. Host of the savannah, coastal and equatorial forests, with plains and high plateau; not leaving out the coastal, river-side and sea side areas, Cameroon is a land of opportunities.

ARITMA aims at setting up an African Renaissance Institute that will generate training of young Cameroonians and Africans in using their environment as their training centers and job providers. The essence here is to have young people connect with the environment and develop a dynamic and lucrative activity to make up a living. The idea will be to develop Community Training Centre or Community Colleges for Development that will help to promote sustainable development through the use and protection of the environment.

The images of the schools that we see above are appealing to the community of people aiming at making education a priority for the nation. Educating a child is not only the instruction that they receive, but the environment in which the instruction is given matters.

Let us all contribute to make education a better experience for the children that we see in these documentaries that are shown above. Contribute with ARITMA to invest in children and in a better environment for schooling.

  • One classroom,
  • School benches, and
  • Didactic material
Academic Excellence at the Service of African Renaissance
Gala evening of the ARITMA ACADEMIC AWARDS
Educational Activities
Preparation of the Academic Awards
The ARITMA ACADEMIC AWARDS First Edition. December 12, 2020.