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ARITMA is of the opinion that a healthy person is a valuable asset for the community and the society. In order to maintain good health, we promote the idea that prevention is better than cure. It is for this reason that maintaining a clean environment and promoting access to safe and basic health care is part of our programme. The projects we are running here are:

1.       Useful Waste and Recycled garbage

Today, markets and urban centers of our cities are crumbling under the weight of garbage and waste polluting the environment. The administrations and agencies responsible for cleaning the streets seem to be overwhelmed by this phenomenon of “urban dirt”. ARITMA’s practical solution to the management of garbage and waste involves working with administrations, municipalities and companies in charge with waste collection, as well as other partners for the development of a strategic plan for cleanliness. This will work to achieve the concept of “Clean Cities with ARITMA“. With respect to this, ARITMA proposes:

  • The introduction of intelligent bins, for;
    • garbage and waste collection;
    • recycling of the said garbage and waste
    • the transformation of garbage and waste.

2.       Inclusive and Impartial Health care for  All

As health is a common good we all aspire to, ARITMA would like to help make the health facilities and health information accessible and closer to the people. ARITMA intends to organize health campaigns and raise awareness on health in general and in particular on specific diseases that need increased communication, such as Cancer, Diabetes, high and low blood pressure among others. ARITMA may also facilitate the acquisition and distribution of drugs and equipment in hospitals and other health centers to support the inclusive health care project.

In collaboration with the health services and hospitals, ARITMA intends to organize training sessions for the inhabitants of the different localities to avoid the break-out of endemic and pandemics diseases likely to affect their communities. An identified approach focuses on educational talks about good practices for maintaining good health.

sensitisation and information campaign during the week prior to the celebration of the International Day of the Woman. ARITMA visited three Regions of Cameroon the Littoral Region; the South West Region and the Western Region where women journalists and other media professionals, middle class working women and rural women were educated and informed on the signs, causes, symptoms and devastating effects of breast and cervical cancer. Kits for early detection of breast cancer were distributed

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