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Our vision within AFRICAN RENAISSANCE IN THE MAKING (ARITMA) is to have every Cameroonian and every African know their potential, so that they can take their responsibility to make Cameroon and Africa a better place. By so doing, we must achieve self-reliance and food self-sufficiency, provide adequate education and good health care for all; in a society where people behave in a dignified, honorable and responsible way, respecting their duties and rights, as well as those of others, while remaining committed to the development process of their communities and the promotion of their culture.

  • In the medium term, ARITMA sets up and manages development projects in local communities related to agriculture, tourism, education, sports and culture in rural, communal and regional communities across Cameroon and possibly Africa. This will promote entrepreneurship and create jobs.
  • In the long term, ARITMA will create and put in place
    • The African Renaissance Institute of Cameroon: to train young people in African values and the core principles of development, while promoting civic values ​​and respect for emblems and republican institutions.
    • A Micro-Finance or Bank (The African Renaissance Community Development Bank): to perform all the services provided by banks. However, it will train and recruit young people in the field of Finance, Banking and Management of development projects amongst other fields of study.
    • The ARITMA Food Supply Chain Markt: to produce, transport and market/sell agricultural products in specialized ARITMA market spaces that will enable the traceability of the products, the quality and of course that will be given at preferential prices, beating all competition.