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Citizenship means exercising the rights and responsibilities we have as natives of our village, our community, our city and/or our country. The rights of the citizens are civil, political, economic, social and cultural. Responsibility, however, invites us to do what needs to be done, at any time and in any place, even when it does not depend on us. In short, it is doing what is good, when it has to be done. Responsible Citizenship implies that the citizen in question has a good knowledge of the role he must play in society, but also, he is called to participate in those activities that have the merit of improving the lives of his fellow citizens by remaining agents of positive and progressive societal change.  For this purpose, we have the duty and the constraints to act well, we must be proud of the work we do and do it with dignity, honesty and responsibility and respect. Activities within this sector have mainly been, but not limited to:·

  • The production of educative documentation and their popularisation;
  • The contribution to major issues in social and national;
  • The mobilization of young people and other social groups for a good cause
Gala evening of the ARITMA ACADEMIC AWARDS
Educational Activities
Preparation of the Academic Awards