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It is often said of sports that it helps maintain a healthy mind, in a healthy body. It is in this perspective that ARITMA wants to promote the practice of sports, encourage the expression and discovery of talents, so that they can benefit from the multifaceted opportunities that are open to them. ARITMA has set up the ARITMA Championships:

  • The ARITMA Championship “Back to the Roots
  • The ARITMA Championship “For Peace, Unity and Togetherness

Our goal within ARITMA is to find a way through which young people could be mobilized to:

  • Listen to the rallying message aimed at building a responsible youth and civic behaviour;
  • Galvanize young people for collective action of homecoming and reverse the trend of rural exodus;
  • Detect talents with a view to promoting them within and among local, departmental or regional teams and competitions;
  • Encourage team spirit, competition and effort among young people; and
  • Set the stage to promote the appropriate conditions for living in unity and togetherness through the practice of sport and other leisure activities.

Do we not commonly say that “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy….?”

launching of the sporting activities of ARITMA in August 2019. This was the first Edition of the ARITMA Championship ``Back to the Roots`` The essence of this event is to fight rural exodus and possibly reverse the trend, by creating activities in rural areas as well as promoting socio-cultural and economic activities for young people.