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ARITMA’s vision in this sector is to promote Cameroon as a touristic destination and make its conventional sites, places history and people known to the world. Our focus will also be to find new attractive places, elements and activities worthy of inclusion on the already accepted list of touristic sites to visit in Cameroon. We shall put to the scene some of the exceptional country-side offered by Cameroon, which are not yet set as touristic destinations. Our vision here is to promote internal tourism, having Cameroonians know more of their country and for Africans to know more of Africa. Some of the major activities we will run here are:

  • Discover inside Cameroon;
    • Identification of new places and new sites,
    •  Building of resort and recreative villages
  • The creation/set-up of thematic museums
    • The Slave Trade History Museum,
    • The Colonisation Museum,
    • The Aquatic life Museum
    • The football Museum
  • A Cultural Renaissance through:
    • National thematic Fairs (Lifestyle, Foods, Fashion, Art, Crafts, Painting, Language, Migration and more),
    • The creation of a National Carnival for Culture

As diverse as Africa in terms of culture, history and people, Cameroon is known as Africa in miniature. Knowing about the peoples of Cameroon and their stories is equivalent to knowing about Africa. We must be proud of our cultural identity and promote the power and ability to live in unity with our diversity.

Tourism and Culture